Linguistic, translation and localization services

I am a translator and interpreter AITI Member and Court  Technical Consultant, at the Bolzano Law Court. I deal with the implementation of translation and text localization projects developed in cooperation with the WorldWideMedia Translation Office regarding marketing issues and the legal, medical and scientific sector, including asseverations with the Competent Authorities.

Marketing consulting and integrated communication

From Facebook to Twitter, from Pinterest to Instagram: I’ll bring you through the various multimedia channels and I’ll make sure that these give you a credible image. Every type of company, organization, every freelancer is one of a kind, this is the key to success. Together we can work to ensure that this potential is optimized. Very often this means going back to your roots, defining your business goal more clearly, understanding what the intentions behind your business are, what your most important services are, the aspects that make you different you from others and how you can communicate it to the outside world.

I am happy to be able to offer people a real solution, with marketing concepts that work.

All this is ... creative communication.

I help you to focus on goals and turn them into relationships with people in order to do integrated marketing in multiple languages. I support you to identify the right strategy of image and communication on the internet, on social media and traditional media. I support you to achieve your financial goals, with a style of life and work in perfect balance.

"Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you choose the right ones in the right order, you can move the world a little bit ."

Tom Stoppard